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All Good Things: Why you should come out to “It’s not you, it’s ME,” a bon voyage party

It's not You, it's ME

Invitation design courtesy of Sean Wilkinson

Relocation is never easy, no matter what’s waiting on the other end. It is a stone solid fact that apartment hunting, packing and moving are among the worst of man’s creations.

Still, as I’ve become accustom to saying over the years I’m a fortunate man. Fortunate in this case that what awaits is a fantastic new job at Harvard (though technically I guess it’s not waiting since I’ve been working there almost 2 months), but that I won’t be going alone. Amy, Pal, Turk and I are packing up and ready to get our Clampett on as we head to our new home in Somerville (Cambridge’s not as high-maintence cousin.)

But before we do that we’re going out with a bang. Or, a bowl, so to speak. Sorry, the pun was too good to pass up.

On Nov. 26 we’re throwing a bon voyage party at Bayside Bowl in Portland starting at 8 p.m. We’re going to have music, food, surprises, and yes, if you so desire, bowling. We’re thankful to Bayside for hosting and excited for what should be a great night. Great, that is, if all of you show up.

So why should you come out?

1.) We’d love to see your smiling face

2.) Bayside Bowl is an outstanding venue, fun for hanging out just as much as league nights

3.) Dance, Dance, DANCE!

4.) It’s the day after Thanksgiving, don’t you deserve a break from family and shopping?

5.) The eye patch thing will finally be explained.

6.) A three-hour retrospective on Italian Greyhounds in Popular Culture, narrated by James Van der Beek.

Look, it’s gonna be a good time. That I can promise. There’s countless friends and family in Maine we’re grateful for, so please stop by and say Hi, have a cocktail and be ready to dance. If you’re on Facebook go ahead and RSVP.


The Future of Journalism (and my career) is in Cambridge

About six months ago I took a big leap, leaving a good job, stable paycheck and measure of security behind me. When I left the Press Herald I didn’t know what I’d wind up doing next, or where.

Well now I know. This story starts with an email I received while sipping a margarita on a beach in Florida in May and ends today. I’ll save you the unabridged version and get to the point.

To paraphrase one of the more disastrous job announcements in recent history:

“This fall I’m taking my talents to Cambridge and joining the Nieman Journalism Lab.

Jim Gray: “Nieman Journalism Lab, that was the conclusion you woke up with this morning?”