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OK, I’ll say it. TV needs more “Men”

So “Men of a Certain Age” got canned, which is sad, but not for the reason most people think. Is it Was it a viable contender for “best show you’re not watching on TV,” (and since “Friday Night Lights” has retired, that title is up for grabs)? Indeed.

Did it deserve another shot because of poor marketing and bungled scheduling. Yes.

Was it a well acted, written and directed drama on a cable network still looking to create an identity for itself with scripted shows? Sure.

Was it a chance to see a new side of Ray Ramano and a reminder of all the things we love about Andre Braugher, and – yes, yes! – Scott Bakula? Absolutely.

But none of this has anything to do with why I think it was awful to see “Men of a Certain Age” go away. I’ll miss it because it was one of the few shows on TV today to offer up compelling and, more importantly, relatable characters. To put it plainly: Ray Ramano and Mike Royce made a great show about what its like to be a guy, and TV could use more of that.